Destiny 2 offers a peek at revamped new player onboarding and armor mod adjustments


Bungie’s usual weekly newsletter is once again offering up some sneak peeks for Destiny 2, specifically a look at a new player experience refresh and some new armor mod tweaks that are coming down the pike.

Starting on November 10th, new players will once again see their friendly Ghost revive them in the Cosmodrome, but instead of looking for a ship, they’ll run into another Guardian in the wild by the name of Shaw Han, who is working with his fireteam to find out what the Hive are up to. Han will also be the new player’s guide to the systems and gameplay of Destiny 2, which lets new arrivals play with a few weapons, find engrams to try different armor and see our progression systems, and learn how to navigate the user interface to understand quests, bounties, collections, and more. All of this happens before new players even step foot in the Tower, which should hopefully alleviate new player confusion.

As for players who are deep in the game’s progression, the release of Beyond Light will introduce some tuning to armor mods, including changing weapon-oriented armor mods to be Any Energy Type, increasing the base efficacy of mods that have an Enhanced version while reducing the efficacy of the enhanced mod, and adding a fifth raid-specific mod slot for armors that drop from the Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, and the upcoming Beyond Light raid. And speaking of armor (and weapons, for that matter), there was a trailer showcasing some of the new shinies that will arrive to Beyond Light, which we’ve embedded below.

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