Path of Exile brings on another round of Heist improvements in the latest patch


The turning of knobs and tweaking of dials for Path of Exile’s latest League continues. Grinding Gear Games has offered patch notes for the next update, which once again focuses on improving heists in a variety of ways.

One of the biggest chunks of patch note real estate revolves around fixing Alternate Quality Gems. Fixes include letting these gems be supported by gems which match the bonuses granted by their Alternate Quality, changing how Divergent Heavy Strike works, and making sure a number of specific gems of this type work as originally intended.

In addition, the new update will make sure Rogues prioritize performing their jobs over entering combat, adding one more unique Heist contract that leads to a new Heist boss, a number of Mac-specific improvements, and a fix for a PS4-specific crash. Players of the current League can get all of the specifics for themselves to learn more.

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