Torchlight III on the verge of launch: ‘Lessons were learned’


As Torchlight III sits on the verge of release, there’s an odd moment of calm for a game that’s experienced a rollercoaster of development over the past two years. It’s a title that’s gone from a free-to-play MMO to a buy-to-play online ARPG and that’s renovated its systems countless times.

In this moment, the studio reminisced about the journey from 2016 to today. The story of Torchlight III’s creation here is anything but smooth, but at least it’s honest and shows some self-awareness by its creators. “Lessons were learned, and fixes applied,” could be the motto of this project.

“But we’re not done yet,” Echtra Games concluded. “We know that a game never really feels complete and we are extremely excited to share what is coming up for Torchlight III as we move towards launch and beyond.”

Torchlight III is releasing on Tuesday, October 13th. The launch trailer, which debuted at RazerCon this weekend, is below.

Source: Steam

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For me, the original Torchlight was the best of the series and things have only gone downhill from there. I do actually quite like the setting and style of the games but Torchlight 2 just felt too… I don’t know, wishy-washy?… for me to enjoy, especially on the itemisation front. From what I saw of the alphas of T3, it seems the problems have only got worse, so I won’t be buying until the game is either much-improved or very deeply on sale.

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TL2 should have been the far superior game when you look at the features list, but yeah something went missing from 1 to 2.

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“lessons were learned” they might be, but the implementation is what counts, and tl3 is not a 40$ price point worthy.
I got into the alpha on the second test and it certainly felt like we had to fight the devs over even the most obvious bad takes.
Right now the game does what it’s supposed to, so you can play it and complete the story but there are so many badly designed aspects of the game, aspects that should be very obvious needs improving.

TL3 has probably the most bland items in an RPG in the last 10 years.
Once you hit endgame, it’s a series of half-authered half-random stages where you need to beat a set of them without dying to progress. For each stage you get your choice of one of three cards, each with a bonus and a penalty on it. Kinda like a very, very simple version of map affixes in PoE.
The issue is that a lot of the affixes are designed to make the game annoying to play, and not to make the map harder.
Who thinks cutting the camera zoom level in half is fun? What about quadrupling the potion cooldown when potions account for 95% of your healing, and a single death could set you back 4 zones?

What they have right now is the minimum viable product, and that’s not worth anywhere near what they’re asking.
Another worry I have is that launch is tomorrow and there has been 0 talk about post launch support. We don’t know if we’re getting any, and if we do, what kind of scale or for how long.

James Crow

i really think they launching the game too soon, its have 3 act (frontiers) that you can finish in a week if you dont play alot.

they also removed the option of one class for all bc you can only chose 1 relic per character thats mean to really be able to experience all the class option you need to have 5 characters of the same class and sorry but this is BS, why not to give players the first relic and then make the other 4 as kind of rewards in game for hard-work.

i really like the franchise, played all the games but TL3 its few step back from what make open h&s great, gameplay is smooth as always but thats not enough.

and the worst thing is its the end of 2020 and no cross-platform\save :(
im also worry about the future bc we dont have road map and its not like they did alot changes to the game beside make it more shallow and kind of any other h&s game – people maybe didnt like what they did in frontiers but for me it had great ideas that we dont see in any game in the genre.

finished it multiple times and going to do it again but after that? im going to leave the game and wait for update\news.