Fallout 76 drops a huge bug fix patch, lays groundwork for Steel Dawn


Mutant radroaches may dominate the landscape of Fallout 76, but the truly insidious bugs are the ones that have been crawling all over the game for a long while now. So while it might be disappointing to some to see that today’s Update 23 doesn’t contain any new content or features, the Bethesda realist knows that a mess of fixed bugs is just as much needed.

So you can now play the “did they fix the bug that really annoyed me?” game by reading the patch notes to see if your pet peeve is listed there. Bethesda did say that the update laid “some behind-the-scenes groundwork for our Steel Dawn update, which is currently slated for later this year.”

In the meanwhile, the Treasure Hunter event is coming back on Thursday, October 15th.

Source: Fallout 76
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