Neverwinter’s Redeemed Citadel releases Milestone III on PC today


The continued growth of the Redeemed Citadel in Neverwinter has a date for PC players: today. Today’s patch will see the beginning of Milestone III, which once again introduces a new server progress goal and a new leaderboard for players to climb.

This milestone’s leaderboard goal will be to summon Zariel as a companion, while an alternate version of the same reward will be available to purchase in the Zen Market in the form of a Soradiel companion.

Players can look forward to a new hunt mark, new items to purchase in the store, and another new chamber in the citadel. The patch also includes “the beginning of a series of future updates to Masterwork Professions” as well as updates to teleportation hubs.

“With this release, we’ve introduced the ability to teleport back to a hub location once per hour (or more frequently, if the player chooses to spend Astral Diamonds to speed up the cooldown). A green ‘monolith’ icon is now visible by the minimap, supporting this feature, and similar icons will appear on the full map to denote places where players can set their teleport hub.”

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