Shroud of the Avatar introduces players to the Breach adventure scene


Into the Breach with you, Shroud of the Avatar backers of a specific tier! That’s the name of the next adventure scene being added to the MMORPG soon, with Episode 2 Access holders once again getting first crack at the location.

The Breach is a modified version of Dysborg Ruins, a PvP scene located along the shores of the Naryad Channel, though with a decidedly more menacing aura along with more menacing creature spawns than the PvP scene it’s based off of.

The objective: face four guardian golem minibosses, two of which have high magic resistance and two with high physical resistance, and take all four of them down at roughly the same time while another player stays at the wave spawn point in the center of the map. Needless to say, team coordination will be key here.

There isn’t any rough launch window for this new scene except “soon,” but players of SotA should at least be prepared.

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