Black Desert Mobile adds the Tamer class, Black Desert PC kicks off Halloween


The month of October brings with it another gaggle of treats for players of Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile, with both games introducing new things to enjoy like a new class or some new Halloween-themed events.

On mobile, the Tamer class has officially launched, bringing with her a short sword, a trinket, and the divine beast Heilang into combat. Described as one of the more unique classes in the game, she can command her pet to synchronize attacks and unleash hell on foes. The update has also introduced a Black Sun PvP mode where players fight each other every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday to earn Dark Coins or Chaos Crystals, and has introduced abyssal accessory crafting and the Hasrah Hidden Chamber to explore. Further details are available on the game’s site.

As for the PC version, the latest update has kicked off several Halloween events, with a unique boss to fight, autumn leaves to collect for rewards, and a refreshed list of daily login goodies. In addition, the latest patch has added the Advisor and Cannoneer positions to guilds, added a new dairy cow ranch in Kamasylvia, and added a Sell Junk button. That game’s site also has more details.

sources: press release, Black Desert Mobile site, Black Desert PC site (1, 2)
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