Dauntless teases gliders, Halloween, new islands, and a frosty new Behemoth in its roadmap


While most folks playing Dauntless are likely focused on farming the latest horrifying tree beast, the devs at Phoenix Labs are working on a variety of new things as evidenced by a number of roadmap updates.

One of the headlines is a new frost-powered Behemoth, though details on this new fight are thin as is often the case in the run-up to its arrival to the game. A bit more substantive are other update details including word of the Dark Harvest Halloween event’s impending arrival, a new event vendor that will be the source of event rewards as well as Rumors (which are replacing Contracts), a peek at the next Hunt Pass which is themed after “all things combustible with explosive new cosmetics fresh from the forge,” and the addition of gliders.

Also of note are some new and revamped islands coming soon, which will accommodate a new hunt type where players can roam islands and hunt Behemoths as they wish. These new islands will feature some well-known biomes and one new biome; they’ll also feature resupply crates where players can switch their loadout, as well as continuously spawning Behemoths that are themed around the area’s biome and several random events like taking on waves of lesser Behemoths or facing off against a particularly dangerous foe. Finally, players will also note that each of the roadmap’s cards have a header that details what step a feature is in development, whether it’s production, polish, brainstorming, or put on hold.

All of these seem to be primed to arrive at some point in October, but it’s important to note that there are no firm dates for these features yet. For now, players have a quick patch that has applied a number of bug fixes. Details on all of that are in the patch notes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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