Surprise! Gamigo’s MMO RIFT is testing out a new zone area

Find the path.

Ever since the transfer of RIFT from Trion Worlds to Gamigo, players have experienced a content drought that’s only been addressed with drips and dribbles of patches ever since. But could a more substantial patch be on the way?

Well, yes and no. Don’t get your hopes up too much, but when fan site The Ghar Station investigated the upcoming Autumn Harvest patch, it noticed that the game world itself had grown a bit bigger: “There is a new area in Planetouched Wilds called ‘Rock of the Sky.’ This appears to be in the southwest section of the zone, and will be accessible via Porticulum.”

The datamining also revealed Egyptian-themed festival items and more additions for the Planar Champion system, including seven new factions.


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Malcolm Swoboda

Learning devtools at a glacial pace.

Okay, lets dream. This zone area is the prelude content for an sorta-expansion next year (or later), to release after this expansion is finally, finally wrapped up (at least one more raid, for example).

Rock of the Sky also could suggest an expansion that finally deals with Air in a major way that isn’t so mixed up with Telara (Storm Legion expac).

It also lets them reuse a hell of a lot of already reused to death assets. Bahmi/origin race, Air floating lands for smaller developments, Storm Legion focus and god please be at least their mostly end. Add in mega godly themes and Tenebrean schemes (but not their end yet).

Oh, what am I doing with myself. I know, I’ll remind myself I actually don’t have a PC that can run this game on 60FPS and RIFT isn’t on cloud gaming. Phew. The start of hype is averted.


I think Gamigo deserves credit just for bothering to keep this game around. Pretty much any other company would have shut it down by now.

Roger Melly

The American servers are still reasonably busy at peak times but the EU ones not so much .

Bruno Brito

I would rather they just shutdown the game and we get rogue servers.

Kickstarter Donor

Looks like the very early stages at this point. Haven’t there been like, semi-built PvP warzones in the files for a year+ under gamigo previously though? Because I wouldn’t get my hopes up given that I think I remember seeing those screens well over a year ago and I don’t think we’ve heard anything about it since then.

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Meanwhile, SWL starts its big holiday with a hotfix patch and zero new things.

Bryan Turner

That’s not true, SWL just updated their profile picture on Facebook.