Crowfall begins detailing specialization changes for each of the game’s classes


When we first reported about Crowfall’s plans to expand class specializations in update 6.2, we noted that there was an in-depth look at what’s changing for the Ranger class. Little did we know, though, that every class in the game would be getting explanations of this depth, which have been posted on the game’s news section over the course of the past week.

  • Confessors will be seeing some new spells like Fire Bolt and Meteor Purge, will receive some abilities that have a chance for players hitting them to receive burning damage and increase damage as health drops every 25%, and changes the Inquisitor to a healing class.
  • Assassins now start with stealth, have seen their Ultimate skill cost reduced, and now see the poison mechanic changed entirely; poisons now activate poison buffs on the character for a limited time, which reduces the durability of an equipped poison by one while applying poison effects for free on targets for the duration of the buff (or buffs).
  • The Knight starts with Chain Attack for free, gets an AoE attack that stuns targets, and sees abilities that can apply bleeds with shield attacks and adds a stacking mitigation buff each time they’re hit.
  • Duelists see Flintlock Shot changed to a flash cast skill, get an ability that heals them when they kill a foe, and abilities that apply effects when entering or leaving stealth such as a bleeds on attacks or damage reduction for a period of time.
  • The Champion gets the Whirling Pain combo of Massive Cleave from the start, introduces an AoE shout that reduces target speed and reduces attack and support power by 20%, and adds abilities like a HoT and attack power buff when CC’d by a player.
  • Finally, the Myrmidon gains a power that applies extra damage to bleeding targets, a flash cast buff skill that heals equal to the damage caused but without the ability to recover more health than when it was activated, and an ability that heals whenever a bleeding target is attacked.

These are just a sampling of a wide variety of adjustments to the listed classes, and there are likely more posts of this sort coming, so fans of Crowfall will want to either watch the game’s news section or read up on every existing class’ deep dive.


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I invested so much into this game, large kickstart package and am a huge fan of JT. The same issue Shadow bane had I found here and that’s poor combat performance, namely rubber banding. Combat never really feels like it connects, and animations feel out of place when attacking. Also I love gathering but somehow they have turned this into a penyata game which feels strange. It only takes 2 hours to get to the endgame areas and I don’t care enough to get there. Seems like a lore heavy game with no lore. Its alpha and I understand that, but there is no sign of this content and if they were focusing on making a PVP only game then they should have never left the stables with the combat system. EK became an after thought, timed skill system is boring and which only modifiers.

Well I only wanted to say I hope they work out the combat system, but ended up venting out of frustration, waited so long for hardly any results other than turning an MMO into a lobby game while making subpar version of systems that are already out there? Feels like GW2 GvsG, yuck.