EverQuest announces its 27th expansion, Claws of Veeshan


Perhaps EverQuest fans were a little concerned that Daybreak might not be able to put out its yearly expansion, what with COVID and all. Rest easy, fair Norrathans, because Claws of Veeshan is coming!

The studio officially announced its 27th expansion for the MMO this week, saying that it will be taking pre-orders and putting the pack into beta next Wednesday, October 21st. As of yet, there is no stated launch date, but it’s typical for EQ franchise expansions to launch well into the fourth quarter of every year.

Claws of Veeshan will add six icy zones, more raids, new spells, AAs, more collections, and even more inventory in the form of a “dragon’s hoard.”

Daybreak laid the foundation for the upcoming story: “Velious is overwhelmed with writhing ice. Frozen undead swarm everywhere. The few survivors that remain throw aside old hatreds — for now at least — and band together to survive. It is time for the bravest heroes of Norrath to challenge the dragons of Velious and put an end to the deadly magic that has tormented the citizens of the continent.”

Source: EverQuest. Thanks Wilhelm!

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You know what I’d pay 40 bucks for? UI updates, engine updates, performance improvements and essentially being brought up to modern times like WoW has done. The UI, while customizable, lacks basic functionality in a modern system and is absolutely horrid.

Every time i try to get back into this game I notice how little they actually give you for your money with every new xpack and I quit again.

Alexander Smith

That’s what everquest 2 was supposed to be though. I would argue WoW is more the exception than the rule. Most games haven’t been basically rewritten completely once or twice.

The only other game I can think of that might have done this just as part of development is Eve.

Adam Russell

called it – oct 21
the day after sale ends on previous expac