‘Hardcore’ MMORPG Astaria plans a test this month after multiple early access launch delays


MMO fans might recall that Astaria was billed as a “hardcore fantasy MMORPG with emphasis on social communities, crafting, party combat, territory capture and player vs. developer,” and it’s delayed its early access launches multiple times. The most recent date was supposed to be January 2020, but the game missed that window and all these months later is still flagged merely “coming soon” on Steam.

While the official website is no longer functional as I type this, the game’s Discord is indeed still up, and it appears that most of the studio communication continues there. According to announcements made by the the game’s lead dev this past September, there’s even a test event coming up.

“Hey all, the announcement everyone’s been waiting for. The update on the next test. October 16th to the 18th will be a public test. This test is a pretty big one. The biggest addition is… Instanced Dungeons and traits. Early backers will get a dungeon only test before then to make sure it’s good to go for a public test. More info will be available that week.”

However, a follow-up note says this schedule may be delayed by a week, which… won’t be a surprise from this studio, let’s be honest.

Source: Steam, Discord

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The developer is regularly streaming himself playing on Twitch, last stream was 9 days ago: https://www.twitch.tv/proverbsvg/videos

I won’t go and say the game is a huge scam, but when the developer blatantly streams himself playing random games while the players, some of which even paid on Steam for Early Access are waiting to see progress on the game or just to be able to play it, it’s something that’s very scummy.

Jeremy Barnes

This game is in a race with Chronicles of Elyria

Jon Wax

So…. everything else is softcore?


Dunno. Maybe it’s “hardcore” like the “Hardcore Mode” in Minecraft, where you get one life and if you die your character is instantly and permanently deleted?

T h e n o n y m o u s
T h e n o n y m o u s

Even though most games generally call that “hardcore” inside the game itself, generally when it’s being discussed it’s usually referred to as “permadeath” in order to give it the proper distinction.

I believe in this case “hardcore” means more like “forced open world PVP gankfest” though lol.