We finally know who’s taking over TERA’s NA PC version: It’s Gameforge

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Two days ago, we wrote with some consternation over the fact that we knew when En Masse’s TERA servers would be closing down and even when currency would transfer to the new publisher – but even two months later, we still didn’t know who exactly was taking over the North American PC version of the game. As of this morning’s announcement, we finally have that answer: It’s Gameforge, which has already been running TERA in Europe for the last several years.

“Today, Gameforge—leading Western publisher of multiplayer online games such as AION, Metin2, NosTale, and SoulWorker—is pleased to announce that they are bringing TERA to even more brave warriors around the globe. Starting this November, Gameforge will launch local servers of their gripping action fantasy MMORPG, TERA, for the Americas. […] Having also recently acquired the publishing rights for the popular title in Russia, South East Asia, and Commonwealth Independent States territories, Gameforge ensures that existing players who join the newly-hosted servers will be able to continue playing the game and receive the latest content updates that were previously unavailable in their region, including the upcoming TERA Battle Arena and the nightmare dungeons.”

Migration will begin on October 22nd and end December 18th, though the new servers won’t open until “the beginning of November 2020.” Krafton and its subsidiary En Masse have previously said that the NA servers will go offline in October and that currency itself will swap over on November 10th.

Do note that if you’re a TERA Console or Closers player, the dates and procedures are a bit different, so make sure you check out that run-down.

Source: Press release, official forums, transfer page

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Jack Pipsam

I figured it would be the case, Gameforge took over SEA operations of the game and they seem to be doing quite well for themselves with it, it makes sense they aim to pretty much take over operation of the game outside of Korea for PC under one publisher.


Well, my tiny bit of experience with that game revolved around trying it out, and going on the forums and inquiring how to buy a physical copy of it (So I could get what they consider ‘founder’/perma-mount/lifer type sub as I buy in bulk) and having the community rip me a new asshole, to which my response was to just leave and add it to my boycott list.

Wonder if it’s worth re-thinking now that company went under, (Maybe there’s less fanboy-ism going on?)…but I doubt it…

Kickstarter Donor

Hilariously, there used to be two physical box copies still sitting on the shelf at the local Micro Center up until about a year ago. I’ve been in there recently, but haven’t wandered through the PC game section lately, because, well, you see how effectively it was curated before, lol. They could still be there for all I know.


Yeah, that’s the type of thing I was looking for back then, and this was closer to when it was still a newer game/attracting loads of people. All I remember is seeing timer mounts and being like ‘No way.’ and wanting a permanent mount. I also didn’t exactly have a lot of cash to frivolously throw around back then, so I was being more of a cheapskate. I remember finding a copy for what was ‘just a tad much’ for me on a box copy that I’d have had to get shipped to me (Not free shipping, and it looked kinda suspect..like someone was scalping with it.), and I think I asked a few questions that riled them up hard or something by accident, I don’t even know what I said that triggered them so badly. But I practically got jumped on/yelled out of there, and I figured if the community was that nasty over simple things like purchasing the game, imagine how they treat other community people regularly…so why would I want to fund that behavior?

Jarette Domongatt

Alternative title:

We finally know who’s taking over TERA’s NA PC version: It’s Fucked


3 questions:

1) Closing down as in a sunsetting current servers, effectively character wiping everything when opening up their new servers?

2) I also assume Gamefore is completely separate entity from Krafton? Thus it’s considered a truly a 3rd party, where En Masse sorta wasn’t?

3) And finally, we’re not talking about ingame currency when talking about currency transfer here, are we?