‘Welcome back Freelancers’: It looks like Gamigo might be reviving Atlas Reactor


The date is June 28th, 2019. It’s the crack of dawn. And Gamigo has just sunsetted Atlas Reactor, one of the multiple Trion Worlds games that Gamigo picked up when Trion went under two years ago. The game’s got a weird sort of cult status in the genre, with elements of MMOs, MOBAs, shooters, and even strategy games that make it one of those titles everyone loved but few people actually played. And now it’s gone.

But maybe not for long. Maybe it’s a result of the petitions that begged Gamigo to bring it back, or maybe Gamigo just decided it liked easy money. But either way, stalwart fans on Reddit noticed that the Atlas Reactor Twitter account has sprung back to life with some cryptic teases from new Twitter accounts roleplaying heroes from the original game.

Better yet, Gamigo has confirmed that they’re legitimate accounts. “Indeed there are 5 new Atlas/gamigo twitter accounts mentioned in that tweet, be sure to follow and share,” the game’s former CM wrote on Reddit. “This is not some sort of October Fool’s Day post. Look for more conversations each day and let’s see how this unfolds. Welcome back Freelancers!”

More good news like this, please, genre.

Source: Twitter, Discord, Reddit. Thanks so much for the heads-up, Kero!

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I hope this works out for the fans of this game.

Kero Kero

This is so hypeeeeee :D

Also sorry I got the names mixed up in my head, Mobi wasnt the lead producer
Mobi – Atlas Reactor Community Manager / @gamigo Community Manager lead for @TrionWorlds

Not sure what is most recent title is with the new info