World of Tanks Blitz and Korn join forces for a music video, an event, and new game mode


The band Korn is becoming no stranger to seemingly random video game collabs. The latest comes from World of Tanks Blitz, which sees the multiplayer vehicular combat title link up with the rock band for some transmedia stuff.

Relevant to the game itself is Convergence, a five-stage event with in-game challenges to uncover pieces of band artwork and extra special items. There’s also a vaguely Halloween-themed new game mode known as Burning Games, where player HP pools slowly decrease to one unless they perform tasks like capture bases, deal damage, or get shot by friendly allies. Finally, there’s the 60-stage Way of the Raider event that tasks players with entering battles with Pyroleum Boosters to earn Way levels for a variety of rewards, though this event’s relation to Korn is mostly tied to Tier V Spike and the Tier VII Annihilator tanks that appear in the band’s latest music video.

Speaking of which, that music video for the new song Finally Free, which is part of the latest album The Nothing, is available for viewing. The video tells the story of a tank commander and Korn fan by the name of Captain who travels to a concert and apparently runs afoul of an enemy tank at one point.

Both Convergence and the Burning Games will run between Thursday, October 16th, until Saturday, October 24th, while the Way of the Raider event runs from October 16th through the 31st. The game’s site has information about Burning Games and Way of the Raider, while video summaries of both events are below, along with an interview with Korn about WoT Blitz.

source: press release
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