Full-loot PvP MMORPG Profane postpones end-of-year testing, now counts 43 staff


At the top of 2020, we covered a new MMO called Profane, one that sparked a lot of discussion over its full-loot, open PvP sandbox style of design. Since then, it’s pushed out a ton of info on everything from its development process and procedural maps to its combat system and factions and even its free-to-play business model. The most recent updates cover its death and rebirth mechanics and lairs.

But what’s going on with the plan to run a test at end of this year or early next year? According to the developer’s messages on Discord, it’s been postponed.

“[A]s we said a while ago, we plan to make a spoiler of Profane Alpha for you in September. This spoiler’s primary goal is to reveal the new art of the game, including some scenes already on Unity, new models, new concepts, a new logo, and a new website. We had a minor delay with the website, and because of that, we will need a few more days to share this new material with you all, but we must say that it’s all coming out very cool! We also want to take this opportunity to officialize that the tests we planned for the end of 2020 will be postponed to 2021, unfortunately. We don’t want to hurry, as this will be a crucial phase to determine fundamental systems! It’s important to point out that the first tests will consist of testing isolated mechanics such as character creation, movement, combat, etc. This way, we can collect feedback and quickly adapt or change each of these mechanics. A lot is being developed, but some tests can only be done when all the pieces are put together. This way, the evaluation can occur in a multiplayer environment within the world’s rules, so we can truly savor the experience with you! As new content comes out and enters this stage, we will be adding to the tests, making them closer to the full experience! To think that we started Profane’s development with a team of 15 people, and today we are a team of 43, working hard exclusively on Profane!”

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