Mortal Online 2’s newest combat alpha patch adds the city of Gaul’Kor

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

The latest patch for Mortal Online 2’s combat alpha has a headlining feature that is not all that combative at face value. Players can now go to the city of Gaul’Kor. They can even go to the city to start with, as it is a starting option complete with landscapes surrounding the city. Of course, you might get a bit banged up on your way to get there or when trying to leave, so it’s a good thing that the game has also added its first iteration of bandages along with a vendor selling materials (including for bandages).

The patch also contains a variety of balance changes, new systems like setting your home priest and vendor systems, and the expected variety of fixes for the game. If the fact that the version number is didn’t clue you in, the title is still clearly in very early development, but you can still explore a new city with the latest update just the same.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Panagiotis!

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Game world is beautiful and varied. Exploration excellent. We’ll see how this turns out. Surprised people are still playing M1.