Black Desert releases its ‘Prestige Edition’ on November 6

So prestigious.

Ladies, gentlemen, and those who fall into neither category, we implore you to look to your physical video game collection. Does it mark you as a person of rare taste and admirable refinement? We have no doubt you have all of the basics in place, like that original boxed copy of the Burger King Xbox games or the stolen rental case for two separate PlayStation 2 licensed titles. But why not add a true mark of prestige by purchasing the eponymous Prestige Edition of Black Desert when it releases on November 6th in the US?

The Prestige Edition has all of the prestigious features you could ask for. For one thing, it has about $140 worth of in-game stuff you can redeem for the game. For another, it takes up physical space and contains a game disk. You can place it on a shelf, or on a coffee table next to the aforementioned boxed games to impress potential romantic partners with the air of dignity and refinement. So what are you waiting for, console players? Prestige can be yours… very soon.


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I’m almost impressed that they’ve found a way to attempt to extract more box fees for a game that’s f2p everywhere else and already never skips a beat when it comes to predatory, overpriced cash shop items/subscription items.


I have a physical copy of Portal on my bookshelf along with an illustrated book about birds. Does that count?