Dungeons and Dragons Online fans take a look at Fables of the Feywild pre-order bonuses


With anticipation for Dungeons and Dragons Online’s fall expansion on the rise, some fans may be interested to know what they’ll be getting if they pony up for one of Fables of the Feywild’s more pricier editions.

To help with this decision, DDO Players purchased the $130 edition of the expansion and put together a video showing off the pre-order bonus items that players can enjoy right now. This includes some shiny cosmetic outfits, unicorn mounts, and a kitty who is suffering from a bad case of tentacle outbreak.

Take a look:

Source: DDO Players. Thanks Phil and Mok!

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I have a hard time getting motivated to make a Shifter character. The mount for every character the heroic and epic Bard companion and instant teleport to Feywild are attractive.

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Richard de Leon III

Considering their recent server issues with both ddo and lotr, I would be hesitant to give them any amt of money…130 buck is just nutz.