Kickstarted MMO Zenith wants to be ‘the Ultima Online of VR’


We’ve reported a couple of times about Zenith, the in-development VR MMO that soared through crowdfunding to lock down over $280K and is slowly making its way to alpha. But just what is the game about? That’s touched on in an interview with developer Andy Tsen, who discusses more about what features are coming to the title and how the devs are approaching their creation.

During the interview, Tsen discusses a variety of Zenith’s features, such as the game’s melee combat system, how the devs are trying to create a social experience in VR, and confirming that the game will be less about player economy and more about combat, exploration, and character progression, though trading and auction houses are planned for the future. The interview also confirms that there will be a holy trinity setup in terms of party roles, with every class having the ability to take up either of the three main roles (mage tanks confirmed). Ultimately, Tsen said at one point that Zenith has ambitions to become “the Ultima Online of VR.”

The interview is just short of an hour, and while it doesn’t necessarily announce anything new, it does elaborate on what the devs at Ramen VR are building. You can check out the full video after the cut.

source: YouTube via Twitter
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