Neverwinter kicks off its Halloween festivities with the Masquerade of Liars starting October 22


Is it really fair to call everyone involved in the annual Halloween celebration inĀ Neverwinter a liar? Is wearing a mask enough to make someone a liar? Maybe not, but the event is still dubbed the Masquerade of Liars, so you’re just going to have to cope with the fact that participating on October 22nd marks you as a liar via the transitive property. Considering that you can earn some cosmetic gear, dyes, and other rewards for taking place, we’re willing to bet that you can overlook the scurrilous implications about your honesty.

The event also includes a new round of the Contest of Liars, with players picking one of three factions to champion and competing in the hopes of getting a new illusion item for free. (Contributors who do lose can still get the item, just at full price.) Check out the full rundown for the main event and the contest if you don’t mind having your reputation impugned by prevaricating implications.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)

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