Whatever happened to Saga of Lucimia?


Sometimes the development of a title goes so dark that months go by before anyone really notices. Such is the case with the group-centric Saga of Lucimia, which has been mostly running silent since this past spring.

Back in April, the team posted a video to highlight some of the world-building for Release 13. Since then, Stormhaven Studios hasn’t done much more in the public eye than post a once-a-month piece of concept art to its Twitter account. This pattern was only disrupted by a notice in May that Stormhaven secured the assistance of former Blizzard VP of Global Sales Bob Brown to advise the project on its path to launch.

However, according to the game’s Discord, Saga of Lucimia isn’t dead or abandoned. “Since April we have been very discrete and silent on social media,” the studio said. “The game is still being fully developed and updated weekly.” It also noted that Lucimia’s alpha community is involved with the ongoing tests.

So that’s some hope, at least, that we might be seeing and hearing more about Saga of Lucimia… at some point.


Source: Twitter
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