ARK Survival Evolved is coming to Google Stadia early next year

You don't need to confuse people, you have dinosaurs. DINOSAURS.

File this one under Who Asked For This: Studio Wildcard and Google announced today that ARK Survival Evolved is porting to Google Stadia. It’s a joke, Stadia fanboys. Calm down.

ARK is already on almost every dang platform, including Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Xbox One, the Switch, and the PS4. Heck, it’s even on NVIDIA’s Geforce Now. But come next year – “early 2021” – it’ll also be playable on Stadia, which means you can even play it on your Android phone. And as 9to5Google points out, the whopping 200+ GB install size won’t be an issue.

In its latest address to players, Wildcard promised the latest TLC update with “the Mammoth and Stego revamp including visual and functional upgrades, some creepy crawly evolutions, and various QoL additions.” That’s coming November 7th; in the meantime, players will be able to jump into the Halloweenish Fear Evolved event starting tomorrowday.

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