Blade & Soul just kicked off its Halloween event, Blade & Ghoul, running through November 18


Just because you’re some kind of martial arts master with a giant sword doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fine art of gathering candy in Blade & Soul during the game’s Halloween event. Collect some taffy to be used as currency, along with letter tiles and the unimaginative but functional Halloween tokens to get both adornments and useful items as your personal tastes might dictate. It’s heavier on “treats” than “tricks,” in other words.

Of course, this update also comes with some distinctly less ghoulish events, like new event boxes available from dynamic quests, new rewards from the Dragon’s Lair, and a reduction in upgrade costs for Pet Gems. Check out the full rundown for all the items you can obtain and all of the non-seasonal but still time-limited fun you can have with the events lasting from now until November 18th. And if you want to do all of that while snacking on a bag full of fun sized Laffy Taffy, hey, no judgment.


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BnS Halloween events are usually fun with cool costumes and a good event dungeon and area.

I’ll be joining in the fun.


Once I finished rolling odd colored hair Gnomes in WoW Retail, I’ll come back to check it out… >.<

And Edit/PS: I hope they put back that Daily Dash again.

Jaymes Buckman

Great name for it.