Trove’s Shadow’s Eve Halloween events are live as the Hubdate patch hits console

Trove joins the ranks of MMORPGs getting spoopy this week as its Halloween event, Shadow’s Eve, is officially live as of today. The only caveat is that you need to have done the new Hubdate Qubeslick questline – then you can pop into the Halloween fun. Until November 4th, you can do themed dailies and even check out the haunted house in the hub.

“Search for special Shadow’s Eve dungeons and collect Candy Corn from Pumpkin Dungeons so you can craft lots of interesting items at Shadowy Station. And don’t forget to collect pumpkins, also for crafting, from the large pumpkin heads in Cursed Vale! Lastly, to complete your collection of materials, you will also have to venture into Delves with help from the “Delve Gateway: Greater Balephantom or Refracted Balephantom” in order to fight the purple boss monsters that will appear there and may drop Purple Torches. You will receive your first gateway by completing the Lunar Condensate daily quest, and you can also receive it by crafting Unstable Lunar Condensate at Shadowy Station or killing purple bosses in Delves.”

In other Trove news, the Hubdate patch, which rolled out last month on PC, has now finally arrived to console as well, which is good since you’ll need some of this content for Halloween. As the name suggests, it renovates the game’s core meeting hub, adds new interactive menu NPCs so you can find what you need in the map more easily, and implements new quests and bosses to boot.


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