WildStar composer Jeff Kurtenacker signs on with Blizzard

Sorry, guy.

We’ve made no secret over the fact that we absolutely love the WildStar soundtrack — and you have too, with the MOP community previously voting it as the greatest MMO score of all time. Even though the game’s been shut down for years now, the music lives on (and in one case, is being expanded).

And while we’re not getting much more in the way of WildStar, the man behind the game’s soundtrack is about to make his mark at another MMO studio: Composer Jeff Kurtenacker announced this week that he’s taken up a job offer over at Blizzard Entertainment.

I am excited to announce that I have accepted an offer to join a legendary music crew,” Kurtenacker tweeted. “I start Monday as a Senior Composer at Blizzard. I know I can learn a lot there, and be able to share my skills as well. I’m anxious to dig in.”

Source: Twitter

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Bryan Turner

That’s good, last solid WoW Soundtrack I remember was maybe Pandy Land, with a few decent flashes in the other expansions.

Past few expansions starting with Legion they had this annoying focus on brass instruments.

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John Buczek

This is SO awesome, he is my favorite game composer. :)

James Crow

can you stop posting WildStar picture ?
every time i see a pic about WildStar im hoping for the game to return but nop :(

its like posting about The Secret World when we all know funcom ruin and left the game to die


In a just world, it would of been Blizz buys Carbine and reboots WildStar. And they keep the original composer for the bonus.

Bryan Cole

Nice! WoW music has always been awesome but I know people come and go over the years, this is a great addition to the team! Now we need that guy who did the Age of Conan music, Knut Haugen!


I’m sad I don’t see Haugen’s name on more games. I barely played Age of Conan but that soundtrack is legendary.

Bruno Brito

Nice! Now he’ll produce still incredible scores while being severely underpaid!

Kickstarter Donor

Well, good for him. I look forward to listening to many of his new soundtracks, without actually playing the games they are attached to :/