A Black Desert node war bug dumped quadrillions of silver into the North American servers

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Protip: If your Black Desert guild mysteriously manages to pull quadrillions of silver in tax from the guild incentive system, maybe just log out and report it instead of splitting the spoils amongst your guildmates.

This is a lesson some BDO players on the North American servers might be learning today, and nope I didn’t mistype: Multiple guilds did indeed receive absurd amounts of money through bug this week. The highest number I saw was 28,000,000,000,000,000, with billions then being split to fellow guildies. Obviously this kind of money flooding into the game could be devastating for the game’s economy.

The good news here is that Pearl Abyss and Kakao are on the case. “We are currently aware of an issue where certain nodes gave an abnormally high amount of Silver after tax collection in the North American server,” this morning’s post reads. The studio initially shut down the central market and disabled guild incentive functionality, though it appears the in-game central market has now resumed and only the web version is entirely offline. “Accounts affected by this issue will be locked for further investigation if deemed necessary,” the team warned, though it not clear how it’s all going to go down for the accounts involved just yet.


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