Battle royale Spellbreak added its chapter system and Clash deathmatch mode today

Battle royale Spellbreak added its chapter system and Clash deathmatch mode today

Where most new battle royales fizzle in the wake of the giants like Fortnite, Spellbreak seems to be doing pretty well for itself, to the point that it’s counted up millions of players and has dropped a hefty new patch as of this morning. The centerpiece of the update is a 9v9 deathmatch mode called Clash.

“Our first new game mode is here! Clash is a 9v9 team deathmatch mode where two teams race to exile enough of their opponents to reach a predetermined score. First one to make it, wins! Clash is low on stress, but high on fun! It immediately thrusts people into combat and keeps them there for the duration. Great for learning new classes, blowing off steam, practicing, or just having good time! Each side is made up of up to 3 squads of 3 players each. Every time a player is exiled, the exiling team scores a point. Players roam the map, gathering gear, and leveling their skills, just like in Battle Royale. The circle will lead players to designer-placed areas that ensure good gameplay for both teams. Upon being exiled, you keep all of your gear and levels but also drop a copy of your equipment that can be looted by other players. After being exiled, you’ll respawn near your team, high above the battlefield, with full health, armor, and 2 armor shards. Of note: Spellbreak’s game modes are not set in stone. We’ll be experimenting and rotating the available modes over time. We want Spellbreak to grow and change and not be the same thing forever. Per the above, with the introduction of Clash, we’ll be disabling Duos.”

The update also adds matchmaking lobby tweaks, bug fixes, new talents, new consumables, and the new prologue system for rolling out stories and missions in the game.

We’ve given several looks to the new game; MOP’s Chris gave it a spin for Choose My Adventure (and it kicked his butt!), while MOP’s Sam argued that it’s much more than just another battle royale (even if it does need some balance work).

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