Conan Exiles is testing its next patch, and it is all about crafting and customization

All is vanity.

What is best in life, Conan Exiles? Is it to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their romantic interests? No. It is sitting in a camp and meticulously crafting a very nice end table you can use as part of a reading nook on the second floor of your house. The latest testlive patch is up for players to try out, you see, and it is all about improving and refining crafting while also adding the long-awaited option to re-customize your character during play.

The big change is that crafting power has been reworked so that rather than chasing the best crafting thralls possible, crafting stations are where the vertical power increase comes from. Thralls, instead, offer specialization options that improve certain produced weapon, armor, and so forth. This keeps more artisans relevant for longer while also providing a new and more specialized form of crafting output. Check out the full rundown for all of the numerical details, and be prepared to curse at Crom not for failure in battle but for a fall on crafting output due to preventable and frustrating workplace accidents.


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Sounds good to me! I suppose I should use a few more days off and get back to it. I had to force myself to stop playing a while ago, because I was getting unhealthily obsessed with the game. :D It’s just so compelling.


A bit hard to tell for sure at the moment, but I think it’s a net-positive for players. Especially on Siptah, where high-tier thralls are a lot more difficult to acquire than they are in the Exiled Lands.

I’m sure the min-max crowd will find all the ways this changes the “optimal” gear/stats/etc. in the game, but mostly it looks good. I don’t see anything like the negative impact the original healing changes with Siptah brought to the early game experience – this mostly isn’t going to change anything before you’re well established in the game.

The additional crafting benches will take up more space, and some of the advanced ones won’t fit where the older ones did – but that’s a “remodeling opportunity”, not a problem… :)

The new dyes are very welcome, and the ability to re-customize your character is quite nice too. Overall, looking forward to the patch going live.


I just hope they *finally* do something about dumping all the DLC building parts into the same menu. Sorting through a few dozen weapons or Artisan bench recipes is *nothing* compared to having to scroll through “Every piece of every single DLC building style EVER” just to find the recipe for a tanning bench or a basic hide bedroll or even freaking *rope.* OnO I wish they’d just give each DLC style it’s own subfolder or something. It’s one of the few places where Ark beats Conan’s building systems. At least I can *find* the recipe I want in Ark.

David Goodman

Not going to complain, I do so enjoy my end tables.

I just don’t want to spend 2 hours downloading the testlive client :( But i’ll see it eventually.