Diablo IV offers a closer look at the creation of its reveal cinematic


Back in BlizzCon 2019, fans got their first taste of the upcoming Diablo IV by way of its reveal cinematic, which not only set the tone for the new ARPG but also illustrated once again that Blizzard’s cinematics team is full of top flight creators. If you’re the sort who appreciates the process of putting together such a cinematic, then you might enjoy this closer look at how the team did it.

The piece speaks with modeling supervisor Shannon Thomas, lead character modeler Jason Huang, and senior character modeling artist Taso Glonis about how the project team put the cinematic together and all of the technical considerations that came along with it. There’s a lot made about properly creating the character model proportions, facial animation tech in order to deal with the many close shots, and hand-crafting animations across the board. It’s a pretty enlightening look at all of the work it takes for just about 10 minutes’ worth of presentation footage.

This, of course, doesn’t really address anything related to when Diablo IV is launching (it’s an animation breakdown); all we’ve had on that front is a look at the game’s revamped skill and talent systems last month.


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Kevin Smith

I have never understood why they don’t use these guys to make some movies based on the games. Their CGI’s are better than some major studios animated movies. They should have used them to make the Warcraft movie and just left the live action stuff out of it.

Krzysztof Czajka

Cuz it’s cheaper to detonate the plane than to make it in CGI?

Jeremy Barnes

That’s nice. How about insight into the actual game?

Oleg Chebeneev

One of the best game cinematics Ive ever seen. Hopefully the game has the same mood


I know hating Blizzard is the current hip thing to do, but I really hope Diablo 4 is outstanding.

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Loyal Patron

I really hope D4 will be an amazing game, a new high in the series. I highly doubt it’ll happen with how actiblizz is treating their talent but we can always use more good games.
PoE is my main game, but it NEEDS some competition and preferably 2 years ago.