Phantasy Star Online 2 forms an ARKS League and bans over 10K RMT accounts


Want to join the ARKS League? Players of Phantasy Star Online 2 are being invited to do precisely that in an announcement post of the event, which sees players that participate being sorted into leagues, then sent off to complete objectives like killing enemies, clearing specific quests, or collecting certain items for points. Players that earn the most points will get a number of Star Gems (SG), with first place awarding 100 SG.

The folks who won’t be participating in the ARKS League are some 10,000 accounts that were identified and banned from the game between September 25th and October 15th, which were using cheats to create items and Mesata for the purposes of RMT, bringing the total of banned accounts to over 30K. The post warns against players taking part in such activity and advises players to never loan out their character to another. Which should be obvious to most, but this stuff keeps on happening and so the warnings must continue.

source: official site (1, 2)

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