Tree of Life spawns a survival MMO sequel named Oddria


A quick history lesson: Back in 2017, studio Oddone Games released a multiplayer sandbox named Tree of Life that didn’t do so hot and eventually settled into maintenance mode by spring of 2019. Yet the studio didn’t give up on the idea of this game world, however, because recently it announced that it’s making a sequel called Tree of Life: Oddria.

Oddria is a survival MMO that strands players in a colorful land and tasks them with building up villages and establishing a thriving economy. The studio hopes to offer dedicated and player-run servers, with up to 100 people per official shard.

Some changes from the previous incarnation of this franchise include a switch to third-person view, a lack of a magic system, and separate PvP and PvE servers. The team posted a lengthy FAQ to handle a lot of the confusion that’s brewing around this announcement, including frank admissions of what went wrong with the first iteration of the game.

The team even put up a minute of fast-paced gameplay footage:

Source: Steam. Thanks Sorenthaz!
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