Avorion will introduce black markets, docking, and hacking with the Black Market DLC on November 2


Say, do you guys and gals remember Avorion? It’s a space sandbox released on March 9th that described itself as a “procedural co-op space sandbox where players can build their own space ships out of dynamically scalable blocks,” or as Justin put it, “space LEGOs.” Our own MJ took a peek at it on OPTV that same month. Basically, it’s been a hot minute since there’s been news, though developer Boxelware has been kicking out plenty of updates. Now, however, there’s a pretty significant update on the horizon in the form of a new DLC pack known as Black Market.

As the DLC pack would suggest, there will be black markets that players can access from stations in the game, and the ability for players to hack containers to steal their goods, though containers under attack will send out a distress signal. For those who would rather not deal with that, stolen containers can be hacked without any alerts at smugglers outposts for a fee, but the contents of those containers will then be randomly generated. The release of the DLC will also add a free feature for all players of Avorion in the form of docking functionality for ships, stations, or freight containers.

The Black Market DLC pack will release on Monday, November 2nd. There’s a trailer offering a look at what’s coming embedded below.

source: press release

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