Bless Unleashed has officially launched on PlayStation 4

Put a leash on it.

After launching on the Xbox One this past spring, Bless Unleashed is working to spread to other platforms in a bid to make this franchise work. This week’s conquest is the formal launch of the PlayStation 4 version, which can be grabbed for free on the PlayStation Store. Of course, there are add-on packs for sale that range from $5 to $50.

Bandai Namco said that the game caters to “hardcore” MMO players and offers a full range of content: “At launch, the land of Lumios featured 13 zones for players to explore and battle against countless foes within. There are seven powerful Field Bosses scattered across the wilds and 26 Elite Bosses who drop amazing rewards for heroes who can defeat them. Additionally, there are six unique Dungeons to explore, enabling players to truly feel the dangers of Lumios.”

Next up for Bless Unleashed? A launch on Steam in 2021, with a closed beta for the client kicking off next month.

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