EVE Echoes plans Crimson Harvest events and module improvements next week


Halloween this year is invading space once again – yes, even in the still-got-that-new-car-smell EVE Echoes. In the mobile version of EVE, CCP Games and Netease are running The Crimson Harvest for the spooky season.

“The Halloween in New Eden – The Crimson Harvest is coming! From Oct. 31 to Nov. 10, the Crimson Harvest Anomalies will appear in the universe. These include Haunted Ruins (Low-level Festive Anomalies, name not finalized) and Carnival at Cemetery (High-level Festive Anomalies, name not finalized). During the event, for each system in the universe, there’s a 20% probability per hour that a Festive Anomaly will appear in it. There is a 75% chance it will be a low-level anomaly, and a 25% chance it will be a high-level one. The probability is the same in every system.”

The event is rolling out on October 28th, coinciding with the game’s regular update; players should expect new mid slot modules, more module support for PvP players, and a round of Halloween skins. But the studios won’t be tackling NPC or encounter balance.

“We need more time to process data from the test server and make adjustments,” CCP and Netease say. “We want any adjustments that are made to be as accurate as possible, to prevent frequent changes. Adjustments to NPC, Encounters and balance will be made in the Nov. 11 update. The 7 new Modules are also subject to balance change.”


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