Inside Star Citizen returns with a look at an updated mining UI, refinery decks, docking collars, and utility weapons


The break between episodes of Star Citizen’s weekly video news digest series is over, so that means your Fridays are going to be full of wrap-ups of what was outlined on Inside Star Citizen starting with this week. You’re very welcome. I know, you love me for it.

In this episode, we get a sneak peek at an updated HUD for ships that enter mining mode, which now provides a variety of new details such as what mining laser consumables are operating, the contents of a ship’s cargo hold, and some basic flight telemetry on top of the usual guides for mining laser intensity and charge level. On the subject of the cargo hold manifest, there’s also a visual element to let players know that they have a volatile item on their ship, along with a part of the UI that shows that item’s health and a countdown timer for when it will go critical.

The latter half of the video offered up another sprint report loaded with in-progress snapshots of things to come, including updated cockpit lighting, a non-lethal taser pistol and a healing pistol, some new volatile cargo items, updated VFX for anti-missile chaff that are part of a revamp in the works for missiles, another update on fire propagation, some early designs for refinery decks, and whitebox development of docking arms and collars that will let larger spacecraft dock at space stations.

source: YouTube

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1 year ago

To be clear, I think you mean “Inside Star Citizen” (although the title says “Star Citizen Live”). I say that because “Star Citizen Live” is a different ‘show they do weekly, and this week it’s called “See You Space Cowboy” where they’re doing a
segment on some character costume designs):

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Ken from Chicago(@kenfromchicago)
1 year ago
Reply to  Chris Neal

Nobody’s perfect.

Except me. I never take mismakes. ?

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1 year ago

I took a few months off and was happy to come back for a little bit at least. The new flight and combat models are really great. I’m really excited to see the new mining UI when it comes out. Mining really is the one fleshed out profession in the game in terms of all systems working together as a complete package.