World of Warcraft may be getting ready to test Burning Crusade Classic


While it hasn’t been officially announced, The Burning Crusade is all but assumed to be coming to the World of Warcraft Classic scene, presumably next year. Blizzard teased the 2019 BlizzCon crowd with the possibility and then sent out a survey this past spring to players about the alternate server type.

Now we have signs of even more movement on this front, as Wowhead is reporting that the studio has relisted the Classic beta client in its app catalog. “Currently, it has outdated information and is marked as deprecated, but this could mean that Blizzard is preparing to use it for a Classic The Burning Crusade beta testing,” Wowhead posted.

How are you feeling about a Burning Crusade Classic in 2020? Are you up to playing it, and if so, what would be the big selling points for you?

Source: Wowhead
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