Fallout 76 drops the bomb — and a new Steel Dawn trailer


October in the Fallout 76 universe is Bombs Drop Day, the anniversary of the nuclear holocaust that ravaged the game world. To… celebrate? To mark this occasion, Fallout 76 is opening up all the game for free through October 26th and doubling up on XP and SCORE acquisition.

Following that, the game will kick Halloween festivities into high gear with the Fastnacht Parade event, which will run from October 29th through November 2nd. It’s OK to take a break from fighting mutants in the wasteland — there are masks to be found!

But perhaps the most exciting thing on the horizon is December’s Steel Dawn update, which will finally bring the Brotherhood of Steel into Appalachia. “It will also add features, like C.A.M.P. Shelters, a host of rewards, including weapons, armor, and C.A.M.P. Plans, the return of the Holiday Scorched Seasonal Event, and a variety of additional gameplay improvements,” Bethesda said.

The studio dropped a new trailer for Steel Dawn, which you can watch below:

Source: Fallout 76

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No comments yet… Is this game worth playing yet? Does anyone still play it?


We’re all too busy playing to make a comment.