Star Trek Online drums up support for the Trek the Vote grassroots initiative


This year’s US election has some irrefutable importance for both the country and very likely the globe, so protecting and helping that process is of interest to a number of people. This brings us to the grassroots campaign Trek the Vote, which is now being promoted by no less than MMORPG Star Trek Online.

Trek the Vote’s mission is to “connect […] fellow American Star Trek fans with non-partisan groups working to ensure a fair and equitable electoral process in our communities, and to carry the principles and work ethic we’ve learned from Star Trek along for the ride.​” This volunteer initiative is done via giving interested people directions (aka missions) on how to help with things like working the polls or helping with the operation and maintenance of ballot equipment. There are also links on the site that help fans register to vote, request voting by mail, or find their local polling place.

Not only does this initiative have the backing of STO but it also has the support of a wide number of Star Trek cast members who came together to record a promotional video. You can check that out below and make sure to make use of the offered resources.


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