WRUP: Who is the big stupid dumpster man edition

Banjo music.

Wyatt: A big stupid man who lives in a dumpster, Wyatt is a strong candidate whom we should all consider for this.

Liam: If anyone who is reading this is named Liam, I’m sorry. This isn’t about you. This is about the other Liam, the one who is a big stupid dumpster man. All of these people are big stupid dumpster men. I do not know why the headline implied it was a question. You, hypothetical reader named Liam, are not the specific Liam here.

Trent: Trent looks like a dumpster. He smells like a dumpster. He is used as a dumping ground for refuse, because he is a dumpster man, and he is not smart. Trent does not need to exist. He does not enrich the world.

Evan: Not only is Evan a big stupid dumpster man, he is sitting in my front lawn. I do not want Evan in my front lawn.

Reginald: (Screech, screech) The elocution of a bird!
(Angry hornets buzzing, angry hornets buzzing) The elocution of a bird!
(That sound when you hit your toe just right against a wall and you know it’s broken, that sound when you hit your toe just right against a wall and you know it’s broken) The elocution of a bird!
(A master cut of every time Dr. Dre has said “sandwich” in an interview, a master cut of every time Dr. Dre has said “sandwich” in an interview) The elocution of a bird!

Me: I write What Are You Playing.

Bonus question: What’s your favorite food treat to have as a way of picking yourself up from a difficult day?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go’s got some fun Halloween stuff plus new stuff thanks to the new Pokemon expansion’s release, which is the other thing I’ll be playing. Animal Crossing will get less love than usual because of this, even though I still have a few things I need to dive for.

For the bonus question, it’s chocolate. Always. And I don’t mean Hershey’s. Er, but also not some hugely expensive, hand-made Belgian import stuff, unless someone left some on our gold yacht. So yeah, it’s chocolate most days, but it’s even more chocolate when things get worse.

Andy McAdams: I’m not sure. Definitely some World of Warcraft as I level up a hunter through the new leveling experience, but waiting for the still-unnanounced Shadowlands release is getting a bit… tiresome. Maybe some minecraft and maybe finish up Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

Bonus Question: Cupcakes. Especially icing filled cupcakes. I’m a sucker for baked goods and when I have a crappy day, I want a cupcake. Or a cookie. or a sweet roll. All the deliciousness.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m playing paint all the things, indoors this weekend since our weather is gonna be foggy fog with a side of more fog. My phone keeps sending me emergency weather alerts like, hey did you see the fog, it’s foggy, watch out for the fog! But I know I have a big task ahead of me in Star Wars Galaxies Legends, and I know I’ll also be logging time in Torchlight III and City of Heroes. We’ll see how much time I have!

Honestly, comfort food is my worst vice, so I have worked hard, though not entirely successfully, to avoid thinking of food that way, trying instead to move those feels to other stuff, like things that just smell good instead. It’d probably be something mapley-sweet or something carby-with-cheese like potatoes. Nothing good for you, in other words!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I have very recently reminded myself of how spectacularly therapeutic Hardspace: Shipbreaker (in open shift mode) can be, so that’s very likely going to be the primary game. Honestly, I’m not sure there’s much MMORPG or multiplayer gaming that will be going on in my next few days, save for perhaps my usual casual traipsing in Genshin Impact or some chasing that sweet cosmetic battle pass loot in Dauntless (seriously, the new Hunt Pass stuff looks great).

Oh boy do I have a wide variety of comfort foods, though I tend to lean towards the big crunchy things like pretzels. Most of the time, though, it’s a nice beer and a calm game that tends to help me reverse a sour mood.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): There’s a new Transformers game out, and I’m probably going to wind up getting that; I also have stuff to do in Final Fantasy XIV and kind of want to dive into more of World of Warcraft’s pre-patch, maybe? I don’t have a distinct plan at the moment.

Nothing comforts me like some good hamburgers, mashed potatoes, or stuffing. They don’t go together naturally, I know, but still.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m getting my Halloween dailies done in Guild Wars 2 and with the new mode drop in Spellbreak I think I’ll be playing that quite a bit.

I don’t really do for treats. I suppose I love chips and guacamole though. Eat that forever.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I continue to be overwhelmed by choice. I’m splitting my attention between the Age of Empires III remaster, StarCraft 2 co-op, and a trial WoW account. I also have one more horror game in my backlog (Conarium) that I should probably get to before the month is out. To be honest I’m still recovering from Call of Cthulhu. I am not a brave man.

Bonus question: Chocolate. Chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, chocolate oat milk… Just hook it to my veins.

Pierre, patron: Except for my The Last of Us Remastered platinum trophy run that’s still ongoing, I’m not really sure what I’ll play this weekend. I haven’t played any FPS or TPS game lately, so Destiny or The Division are possible candidates. I’m also trying to go through my backlog which is frightenly huge, and I will probably play some indie games like The Final Station, Crying Suns, or Kentucky Route Zero. I have also been tempted to do another playthrough of my favorite adventure game: Life is Strange. That’s another possibility for this weekend. The only games that are not tempting me at all these days are MMOs. Am I over playing MMOs? I hope not and I don’t think so. It’s rather a matter of lacking free time for gaming and MMOs being time consuming games.

Bonus question: My comfort food after a bad day is basically always chocolate. Any food with chocolate in it will do. If it’s ice cream, it’s even better. And you MOP readers, what’s new this weekend in terms of gaming and MMOs? I’m always curious.

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Brandon Caldwell (brillant essay on gaming culture: The Dog Pile) forced me to review my perspective on video games:
video games r all about creative absurdity (” the flicker of a smile I had always held primarily for their absurdity, if not for their creativity, because that is what video games were and remain.”)

personally video games r (like (almost) every entertainment) art. art is a social act (not necessarily of a solitary (hu)man).

even in pre-capitalistic societies entertainment/art had various social functions, which never were absurd, but maybe used absurditiy as vehicle.
the social (and therefore basic) meaning of art is to constitute, aka reproduce the in-group values, even for critical art (Avantgarde). via elaborating those values, often through contrastive relations (Cyberpunk as a genre projects contemporary values (global status quo) on a (not so) fictional future: critical art tries to revalue via the consequence of contemporary misconcepts):
there is much absurdity in the Fallouts, but the integral momentum is the opposite: a reminder how precious life, the flora and fauna of our cosmic habitat is as a contrast to war. at least personally Fallout is a philosophical reflection on existence.
is existence absurd?

it cant be, even without any individual purpose, there is a biological: to survive! is it absurd to survive, when death is the singular guarantee (and final consequence) in existence?

no, cuz we will die soon enough, at least can have some >>insert individual preference<< before?

but even before modern Klassenkampf, aka capitalism, arts basic social function was distinction, to differentiate and protect the in-group values and therefore hierarchy from any critical (and possibly destructively destabilizing) influence.
cuz culture, also gaming culture, is an instrument of Herrschaft, aka a tool of power/authority, abused to segregate individuals, who have more in common than differences, into an artificial (power) hierarchy.

but video games (and overall pop-culture) r a different kind of instrument, as the destructive potential of social stratification became obvious through mankinds history: pop-culture is an instrument for lateral diversification (although often abused for vertical purposes). art became popular, video games r for every one (who can afford the entrance barrier still btw). pop-culture is a continous process of democratisation, as every one is allowed to have their own Van Gogh.
(art as every social function always installs a political dimension, so do video games.)

after some more reflection my perspective was contrastively confirmed, i never experienced art (also video games) as absurd, but always as meaningful, there always is a deeper meaning to understand, even in the most absurdist takes, which isnt absurd at all.

anyways for me its pushing keys and maxxing income (WoW), and raiding the Commonwealth (FO4 Nuka World).

personal Soul Food preference is Schoko Wheaties en masse, cuz i can eat a gros register tons schoko-flavor without compromising my (fitness-junkie) BMI while reading.

Lethia Myune

I’m still sort of enjoying my comeback in FFXIV but there’s just something about Stormblood as a whole that doesn’t resonate with me at all and the infinite story-related-fetch-quests are not making my struggle easier. I am dying to catch up on the story and see whatever people loved so much about Shadowbringers but Stormblood monotony is taking a toll on my speed of advancing. I just did Susano and i felt like changing games for a bit even if i hate seeing my sub going to waste. My comfort game in such situations is FO76 and it didn’t disappoint. I am not a fan of the scaling that took place recently but i am slowly dragging my irradiated bones through one of the companions stories and it feels it never ends lol. As for comfort food…anything salty, especially copious amounts of potato chips lol

Bruno Brito

RPG Maker, Smite and F2P WoW, altho the pre-patch is such a mess that i’m completely lost. I’m also asking myself all the time “why am i playing a game that doesn’t allow me to have buttcapes or decently designed kilts?”

WoW’s armor design is nothing short of abominable. It’s bad. Really bad. Seeing all the details glued to my character’s skin irritates me.

I’m also playing the old Art. I did the goblins

IronSalamander8 .

BG3 with friends. It needs a lot of work still but what it has is pretty solid. Looking forward to what’s next.

I finished Amnesia: Rebirth last night. Definitely not as good as the Dark Descent but also certainly better than Machine for Pigs. It starts off pretty strong but not a fan of the 2nd half and the ending(s).

Deep Rock Galactic got 2 new mission types that are fun, played a few rounds of that with friends, good stuff.

Have a good weekend!

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In Global Chat post i saw a link for SWL article, i thought i’ll try it again, last time the game kept crashing and it was unplayable, so i moved my account to steam, downloaded the game and it didn’t crash! so i guess i’m playing SWL, it’s been a long long time since i played it, thinking of starting another character, and i also regret my choice for the name of my main, is there a way to change it?

Bonus: tea, everyday is tea day, i feel lost without it.

Bryan Turner

A lot of people playing FO76, did ot finally turn the corner?


Fallout 76, Dead By Daylight, League of Legends, Final Fantasy XIV, and Genshin Impact will probably be the main ones I play in order of priority. Might work on the Marvel’s Avengers campaign some more, dunno. Right now games with time limited stuff is kind of my priority.

Malcolm Swoboda
  • Genshin Impact – Most gaming was here again. Logins, dailies, caught up in the initial story, which annoyingly just cuts off instead of giving any conclusion, but supposedly stuff should end better in November’s update. Now at the point of properly developing my characters with repetitive activities, and I’m starting to figure out how to beat bosses solo. Not at their highest ‘world level’ difficulty mind you, but still. AR33 right now, to those in the know. I almost can’t drop the game but I do because of life, resin, and knowing that I can’t grind my interest into dust, to the point where combat and exploration is only a chore. I want to smile at new content later, not groan. Going to take my sweet time through Liyue completion.
  • Last Cloudia – Continued Re:Zero collab event, not focusing on this.
  • Distancing Hangouts – A little more co-op Genshin, and trying (flailing, nervously social with new people) to play Among Us.
  • Logins: Tales of Crestoria, Magia Record (shutdown soon), Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Another Eden (hopefully returning soon), Lord of Heroes, technically Wizards Unite but that’s just reading lore entries in it before I uninstall
  • Suspended: SWTOR, Remnant, Terraria

Also briefly tried the Stadia demo for Fenix. Not interested. Stadia still doesn’t work as well as Geforce NOW for me (wireless) and Fenix moved away from any of its more interesting (albeit a little bland) potential in initial marketing, to something that feels almost openly cynical about Ubisoft. I just wasn’t having fun after an hour so I left it at that. It wasn’t necessarily the gameplay but the direction and tone.

Partner is still doing SC Remastered expansion, and continuing FFX-2, still in Chapter 1 of it. We’ve now done two Alan Wake episodes and will definitely finish this game.

Another Eden is probably going to get me jumping in soon. In Global not much is happening the rest of the year except a continuation of last year’s Persona 5 collaboration and the start and quick progress through what I call a ‘megasode’ the game is using to take us to a new western continental region, but Japan is going to finish that megasode, finish the current part of the main story (eastern content), and continue the story of an old episode, resulting in taking yet another 4star character to a 5star version. And other monetization and tweaks like beginner and subscriber packs, and monthly quests, but that’s another thing. Point is, its nice to hear the game’s still chugging 1.5 years after Global launch and I think 3.5 for Japan! I can now have hope a version 3.0 will happen next year – at least for Japan. On the other hand, they cancelled their plans for a PC version. On the other-other hand, they have not spoken about canceling their plans for a Switch version.

Logged into FFXIV just to remind myself of it. In terms of login-and-play for myself, its still at the top. SWTOR for my partner and I when we get to it. Maybe ESO for another friend.

I hope they better translate this time… last time they synced Japan/Global release and rushed it far worse than ever.

Got her recently as my 2nd (non-MC) 5star :), though for now I just pull her out for her anemo environment abilities. Now that I’m starting to engorge on food during solo combat, is it bad that I only really care for her cooking bonus? No, its not bad.


This week: Is it the weekend already? What happened to Wednesday and Thursday? :(

Also this week: I seem to be rolling a lot of Gnomes in WoW of late. So many colors (or colours) to choose from… o.O

Bonus Answer: Playing moar with MMO’s? O.o

Have a great week and weekend folks! Please stay safe! /bows

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I’m still playing through a new playthrough of Stardew Valley, which had added a lot of things since the first time. I haven’t been gaming a lot (except some PNP via Zoom or Google Meet), and MMO gaming even less (ie, none to speak of) Have a great weekend all!

Bonus question: A slice of homemade apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Drat – now I’m hungry.