Destiny 2 provides a peek at changes to weapon types, exotics, and adept weapons coming in Beyond Light


As we’ve noted before, Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion is going to be changing quite a bit. Earlier in the month there was a look at armor mod changes, and now with this week’s Bungie post we get a look at weapon changes.

The post first touches on adjustments being made to weapon types, with most of these adjustments reading like they’re tuned with Crucible in mind. These include adjustments to hand cannon sub-families (specifically Aggressive, Adaptive, Precision, and Lightweight, which was folded in to Adaptive), aim assist changing depending on sniper rifle scope zoom level, a slight reeling back of the Adaptive buff given to auto rifles, and an increase in reserves for rocket launchers. The post then moves on to some tweaks to the Outlaw and Merciless perks as well as several specific exotic weapons.

Finally, there are details of the return of adept weapons to Trials, with all existing Trials weapons getting adept versions. To earn these new weapons as well as adept weapon mods, players first need to achieve a Flawless Trials Passage and open the Flawless chest at the Lighthouse. A new adept weapon mod can drop from the chest each week, while adept weapons are available on a bi-weekly basis, alternating with armor drops. Additionally, adept weapons will be on a set rotation, so players can chase alternate rolls of specific adept weapons over any given weekend.


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Alexander Anguiano

@arktouros I see your point that yes destiny 2 has for a long time been PVP focused and group content(raids and such) but ironwu is wrong. Coming from paying for the game, its not good on the devs to take story we PAID for and cut it just to add more to continue with. Had D2 started as a Free to Play game sure no problem but that not the case. And if you wanna make the case that we pay for season pass but don’t keep them forever that wouldn’t work either since up front we know it be for only a few months content. What next in 2yrs we gonna lose forsaken and shadow keep too? They devs need to give us legacy owners free Beyond light to fix that.


Well the options were:

1. They launch Destiny 3, all the story content you paid for would remain in a virtual ghost town known as Destiny 2 that no one would be playing anymore and wouldn’t receive any game updates.

2. They remove older content and story lines that aren’t relevant to the current game and have zero reason to go there in the current game, revamp these zones over time, and bring them back as part of future updates for free like they’ve done with Cosmodrome for Beyond Light.

Like this isn’t a “choose your own adventure” style business model here where we can specifically complain about losing content while ignoring the fact that the alternative means we kept the content in a game but no one was going to be playing that game because we’d all be playing Destiny 3 instead.

Personally I’m happy that I didn’t spend the last year catching up and playing Destiny 2 as a New Light player just to have it all be effectively reset and have to start over from scratch. Again. While the power/light grind is there, the MTX I’ve bought and the exotics I’ve unlocked with numerous hours spent working on objectives was not time wasted.

As for losing Forsaken and Shadowkeep they’ve specifically said they have no intentions of retiring areas that aren’t free. This means those expansions will end up entirely free at some point like Curse/Warmind before being retired. If the idea of spending money on content that will rotate out is truly that odious then you could always wait for the content to become free. However honestly at that point why bother? If you’re unwilling to shell out $40 a year I don’t know why you’d even play or pay attention to the game instead of something else. In the last year as a New Light I’ve played almost 1700 hours, I think I’ve gotten any money’s worth and then some.


Sorry, but having to pay for each and every (expensive) expansion (there will now be 3, coming close to $100 total) is a non-starter for me.

Even if all 3 were include in D:NL, it would still be ‘wait for a lower’ price in my world.

Its seemingly new hard focus on group content and PvP, along with the stripping of a lot of content does not help matters.

Just my feelings on it.


Destiny has always been focused on group content and PvP. This was true for Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 by all accounts I’ve seen. If you’re uninterested in that, I’m not sure why you’d be interested in Destiny at all.

Content has also always been stripped. When they went to Destiny 2 all the content from Destiny 1 was effectively scrapped because most people are playing Destiny 2. They still sold you a new game with new areas and new content and you had to start all over from scratch. Now instead of scrapping Destiny 2 and bringing you Destiny 3 forcing you to start all over again they’re just continuing on and scrapping old content that is irrelevant to the current game while bringing back other older content now that it’s relevant to the current game.

I’m not trying to convince you or anything, you clearly lost interest in the game a long time ago, but pretending like these things weren’t already the case is just weird. It’s okay to lose interest in a game, no need to pretend like things are somehow different to explain it.


The hand cannon changes are interesting. A year ago before the Shadowkeep Handcannon nerfs apparently Handcannons pretty much reigned supreme in game play. With their range nerf brought about the dominance of other gun types with Pulse Rifles and Auto Rifles, the later even more so with the changes earlier this year. With handcannons getting ranged back could be interesting to see what develops meta wise which is not entirely unsurprising as one of the big selling points of their new expansion is an old favorite handcannon of D1 veterans.