Blockchain-powered creative MMO Blankos Block Party announces closed beta for November 17 and launches founder’s packs


If you’re hearing the sound of furniture being flipped from somewhere, that’s evidently Bree’s kids upending tables in excitement over Blankos Block Party, a new MMO coming from publisher Mythical Entertainment and developer Third Kind Games that was first revealed during the PC Gaming Show in June and is now confirmed for closed beta on Tuesday, November 17th.

For those who are unfamiliar, Blankos effectively lets players put together a collection of digital vinyl toys that are based the characters in the game, as well as take part in officially built missions and challenges, or create their own levels and minigames inside the world. The game utilizes blockchain technology to verify players as owners of parts of the game, as well as let players permanently own things they build or buy, while also guaranteeing that digital items are sold in limited quantities.

To the point of limited digital availability, there are a number of founder’s packs that are going on sale in limited quantities that not only offer access to the upcoming closed beta but a variety of other in-game assets. Packs start at $40 all the way up to an eye-watering $150. For those who would rather not buy in to a beta, you can put your name into the hat of potentially selected beta testers by registering to the game’s website. The game itself will launch on PC at some time later this year and will be free-to-play, with monetization coming by way of purchasable in-game cosmetics, accessories, and limited edition Blankos.

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