Final Fantasy XIV interviews main scenario writer and lore director Banri Oda

Half man. Half beard. Another half beard.

Every single interview with the Final Fantasy XIV development team makes it clear that the people working on this game have a deep and passionate love for the game and its community. The new internal interview with main scenario writer and lore director Banri Oda should help reinforce this fact, as Oda notes that the biggest motivation for the team working through the complexities of remote work for patch 5.3 came in the form of encouragement from players:

Aside from meeting players directly, we’ve been receiving many presents and letters addressed to the development team and characters during Valentine’s Day in recent years. For members of the Scenario team, our excitement swells when someone addresses a present to a character we wrote, or when players send us letters detailing their impressions of our work, so it’s definitely a great source of motivation.

Oda also discusses how he got into the industry almost entirely by accident from filling in writing during the writing of an official strategy guide and how the high-damage “dwarven decking” attack in Heroes’ Gauntlet went from a meme within the development team to something that deals an insane amount of damage at the very end. Check out the full interview to get a sense of how Oda’s work shapes the game as well as the general morale of the developers working on FFXIV right now.

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