Gloria Victis revamps horses, tweaks castles, and prepares Forefathers’ Eve for Halloween


Gloria Victis has clearly been busy, if its latest press blast is any indication: Black Eye Games is talking up the addition of a well timed attack effectively parrying an incoming blow and a cleave mechanic for taking on multiple foes, the addition of crouching, and optimizations to mounted combat in an effort to fighting on horseback or against cavalry more reliable. There’s also been the addition of a fishing system to the game, and the removal of the traitor system in an effort to combat griefing, which has reportedly reduced reports of such behavior by four times since the adjustment was made.

Last week’s patch specifically touched on guild nation castles and horses:

“Horses are with us for some time already, becoming an awesome way to explore and learn the world of Gloria Victis, but also became viable tools and support in battles and sieges. We were gathering feedback and suggestions from the moment we introduced them to the game and now, having a good view on found issues and suggested improvements we are addressing them. Movement of the horse on the client-side has been changed, not to emulate, but to extrapolate the server movement. We were able to do that in another way which the player moves because a player can rotate very quickly and that would give the bad feeling on its case, while horses feel much more stable now. Reported desynchronization issues between client and server should not be happening anymore, and so user experience while riding and fighting on the back of the horse is more reliable now. (Please be aware, that those changes won’t affect how the client will see other players horses, we will be working to that part within next updates).”

Halloween is also on the team’s agenda. “This year it will be a little different because we are referring to the Slavic tradition of Forefathers’ Eve,” Black Eye says. “By fishing or farming, you will be able to gather a special item – Primeaveal Seal. Get some of them, and meet Pellar in your capital – after giving him the appropriate number of seals, he will for short time summon the Wraith to the capital, which will allow you and your nation members to exchange the Seals for fireplace and furnace skins. For food and drink, it will give you new unique elixirs with powerful buffs, and known and loved Haloween items like masks and lanterns.”

source: Steam, press release
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