Life sim Identity languishes in early access development, asks for map builders


Life usually moves pretty fast — but for the aspiring simulator Identity, it’s nearly slowed to a halt. The project, which we’ve been tracking for a few years now, has done little to suggest any forward momentum this year. In fact, it’s last significant development was back in 2018, when it released the town center module to its backers.

So what’s going on here? Despite assurances to the contrary, it doesn’t look like much is being done on the game in terms of development. There hasn’t been a patch this year, nor have the developers been talking to fans on the forums. I mean, when fans are outright petitioning the devs to show up and actually confirm whether or not the game is still being made, that’s got to be somewhat of a red flag.

However, Asylum Entertainment did put out a call earlier this month for people who would join the project to build out the world map. So that’s… something, right?

Source: Twitter

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Are these people going to get compensation? Not trying to be a dick, but they are asking for people with a very specific set of skills for a project with an unknown future so spending their time on it…