PSA: Oculus users who delete their linked Facebook account will lose their entire app library


So, remember when Facebook commanded that Oculus Rift or Quest users link the device to their Facebook accounts? Wasn’t that such a grand idea? Well, it would appear that bottom has dropped out: UploadVR confirmed initial Twitter digging from tech experts that if you delete your Facebook account, you’re also deleting your Oculus account as well, including all app purchases, earned achievements, the ability to return apps, and any store credits you may have in your account.

This decree most directly affects owners of the Quest 2 headset. Those using the original Quest, Rift, or Rift S do not need to link their Oculus account to their Facebook account for now, so Facebook account deletion won’t end up scorching their earth. Bear in mind, however, that Oculus account support will be ending in January 2023, so those who own one of those older headsets will have to wait for an update from Facebook on what it’s deciding to them as 2023 nears according to a Facebook spokesperson.

It’s also important to note that Oculus users who violate Facebook’s terms and see their Facebook account suspended will also see a suspension of their Oculus accounts. This includes the use of a pseudonym or creating a fake date of birth. And tech dudes wonder why the VR revolution has stalled.

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