PvP-centric mobile MMO A3: Still Alive confirms a global launch on November 10


We’ve been covering the arrival of A3: Still Alive a couple of times now, first with its initial reveal in 2019, then with some further details this past September including a global pre-registration event. The game basically tries to merge open-world RPGs and battle royale together, with an always-open PvP environment and PvP and Player versus Everyone (PvE, or PvPvE to most of us) engagements all in a mobile package. If that sounds like your kind of mobile title, then you’ll be happy to note that it’s officially making its global debut on Tuesday, November 10th.

As a way to celebrate the title’s release, A3: Still Alive is having a little in-game giveaway. The first 10,000 players who reserve their character name will be handed an A3 Radienne Vanguard Coupon that features $100 worth of boost items, 500K gold, 500K mana stones, and 100 Blue Diamonds, the game’s premium currency.

Pre-registration is still available for those who haven’t done so already on either the App Store or Google Play (where it’s not called Steel Alive anymore), while the game’s official website features a number of details, including goodies for pre-registration milestones and a contest for a MacBook Pro among other things.

source: press release

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steel hunt

This game comes from netmarble, and y’all know that company and its famous l2r game.

For people looking to try out: game is fun if you don’t aim to play competitively. It is p2w at the top and it always will be. Keep this in mind and adjust your expectations if necessary.