That’s no moon, it’s EVE Online’s gigantic supercarriers!


Supercarrier pilots in EVE Online have a lot to smile about in anticipation of all of the love that CCP is going to send their way next month. The studio posted an article sharing details of the November supercarrier patch that it’s calling Vat Out of Hel.

The intergalactic buff stick will strike these vessels on November 10th, granting them improved visuals, harder-hitting fighters, and a growth to twice the size of the current in-game models.

The update also is going to add a new module that promises to shake the death system up a bit: “The Tactical Capsuleer Recloner is a new module for Supercarriers, allowing fleet members who are podded in battle to respawn inside a local fleet Supercarrier and enter a fitted ship that is already stowed inside the massive vessel itself!”

Source: EVE Online

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