War Thunder announces graphical upgrades, next-gen console release with crossplay


There’s New Power coming to the online multiplayer vehicle battler War Thunder. No, that’s not a failure to understand proper capitalization, that’s the name of the game’s next update that will be bringing a bunch of graphical enhancements to the game thanks to updates to its Dagor Engine. Fans can look forward to subtle new details like grass crushed by tank treads and clouds pierced by fighter planes, as well as DLSS support for smoother and clearer images.

This is all likely being done in service to War Thunder’s arrival to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, which will run at 4K resolution and a steady 60 FPS. Furthermore, these next-gen versions of the game will feature cross-play with the previously released editions of the game, meaning there will be more military vehicles to blow up (or get blown up by, depending on one’s luck and skill level).

More details of the New Power update will be arriving over the next few weeks, but for now there’s a sizzle reel to scope out after the cut.

source: press release

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