Genshin Impact adds a story quest for Mona, with a big update coming next month


While Genshin Impact’s first major post-launch patch is still to come on November 13th, the team at Mihoyo put out a smaller update yesterday that added a story quest for Mona, one of the game’s five-star heroes. The Astrolabs Chapter story requires a few prerequisites to access, namely being at least adventure rank 38 and having gone through the “Darknight Hero’s Alibi” quest.

When it arrives, Patch 1.1 is going to wrap up Chapter 1 of the storyline, add a new boss fight, upgrade the inventory system, and add a new reputation system with related rewards. There’s also the possibility of up to five new characters being added with the patch.

Chances are that most players right now won’t be able to instantly access this week’s half-hour mission, but at least there’s always YouTube to provide full-throated spoilers if you can’t wait. And if you’re


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Malcolm Swoboda

AKA actually releasing what should have been there with an actual Chapter 1 release and not just Prologue. Though we’ll see if the Dragonspine/Chasm areas will qualify as actual ‘endgame’ that also should have been there.